Best Golf Books [19 Must Reads]

The beauty of golf is it’s an endless pursuit of perfection. Every golfer, even those playing on the PGA Tour is looking to hit the perfect golf shot every time, but it’s simply not possible.

In that pursuit of perfection, we can constantly be looking to learn and gain the small margins to help us succeed. That’s where books and knowledge come into play.

Here I take a look at a few of my favourite golfing books, from instruction guides to fascinating stories from the game I love most.

Best Golf Books

Ed Welton

Founder, Editor

Ed is the founder and editor at EEE Golf. He’s been playing golf for over 20 years, competing in many top amateur events. He’s played courses all over the world and played with some of the best players in the game. His aim is to help educate people about the game of golf and give insights into the sport he loves most.

Best Golf Book For Golfers Looking To Improve

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How to Play Your Best Golf All the Time by Tommy Armour

A notable player-turned-teacher offers sage advice in this book. It’s a classic for golfers looking for practical, easy-to-understand guidance to improve their game.

Armour’s insights into golf techniques and strategies are timeless, making it an essential read for players at all levels.

Golf in the Kingdom by Michael Murphy

This book delves into the spiritual and mystical aspects of golf, looking at the similarities of top athletes and those who have realised a Zen-like state.

Murphy’s narrative of a young traveller’s transformative experience with a golfing mystic in Scotland appeals to those who see golf as more than a sport, but a journey of personal and spiritual growth.

It’s an interesting read for any golfer.

The Bogey Man by George Plimpton

Plimpton’s account of playing on the PGA Tour offers an insider’s view of professional golf.

His storytelling and anecdotes provide a unique perspective that’s entertaining but also informative, making it a fun and insightful read.

The Art of Golf by Sir Walter G. Simpson

As one of the earliest golf books to use photographs for swing analysis, Simpson’s work remains surprisingly relevant and something that every golfer can still learn something to help their golf game.

It offers a historical perspective on golf techniques, making it fascinating for those interested in the evolution of the game.

The Golf Omnibus by P.G. Wodehouse

Wodehouse’s collection of golf stories is filled with humour and memorable characters.

It’s a light-hearted and entertaining read that captures the real joys and frustrations of golf, as all golfers know and makes for a fun read.

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf by Ben Hogan

Hogan’s book is a masterpiece in golf instruction and quite possibly the greatest golf book for learning the key golf swing positions.

His detailed breakdown of the golf swing and its fundamentals offers amazing insights and is still just as relevant today as it was when Hogan first wrote it in 1957.

Golf is Not a Game of Perfect by Dr. Bob Rotella

I remember getting this book for Christmas one year and reading it in the first week. It’s a total masterpiece on the golfer’s mind and how you can conquer it for better scores.

Rotella focuses on all of the mental aspects of golf, offering strategies to overcome psychological barriers, whilst using examples from tour players he’s worked with over the years.

His book is essential for golfers looking to enhance their mental game and plays a huge part in what I talk about each week in The Weekly Slice.

Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible by Dave Pelz

Pelz provides a comprehensive guide to mastering the short game and is a perfect read for any golfer who’s looking to improve the most important area of the golf game – their short game.

His scientific approach and practical tips are invaluable for golfers who need a little help with performance around the greens.

The Match by Mark Frost

Frost’s narrative of one of golf’s most historic golf matches offers both inspiration and a captivating story.

It’s a must-read for those interested in golf history and the dramatic moments that have helped shape the sport.

A Good Walk Spoiled by John Feinstein

Feinstein’s exploration of the PGA Tour provides an in-depth look at the lives of professional golfers, showing that they, just like us amateurs, can feel the struggles of the beautiful game.

His insights into the challenges and pressures of tour life make it a great read for anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes world of playing golf for a living.

Every Shot Counts by Mark Broadie

Broadie’s application of analytics to golf offers a new approach to improving performance, taking a far more detailed look into the data behind good golf.

His data-driven approach looks at how golfers can make better decisions on the course and ultimately make every single shot count.

Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game by Dr. Joseph Parent

Parent combines golf psychology with Zen principles, offering unique strategies for an area of the golf game that is often overlooked by amateurs.

It’s an ideal read for golfers who struggle with focus on the course, to help them reduce stress, and enjoy golf more.

Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book by Harvey Penick

Harvey Penick, a golf coach to several world-class players, is regarded as one of the best coaches to ever teach the game of golf.

Penick’s book is a treasure trove of golf wisdom. Its simple, clear advice on key aspects of the game makes it a timeless guide for golfers of all abilities.

The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods by Hank Haney

The Big Miss is an interesting look into the life of one of the best golfers ever to play the game, at the height of his powers.

Haney’s account of coaching Tiger Woods provides an intriguing look into the life and challenges of being the best player in the world.

Anytime you can get a look inside the world of perhaps the greatest athlete ever, it’s a must-read.

Unconscious Putting: Dave Stockton’s Guide to Unlocking Your Signature Stroke by Dave Stockton

Dave Stockton is widely regarded as one of the best-putting coaches in golf.

Stockton’s focus on putting technique and mental approach offers practical advice for improving on the greens.

His emphasis on feel and intuition over mechanics makes it a valuable resource for golfers in an area that every single player could benefit from improving.

The Greatest Game Ever Played by Mark Frost

Another engaging classic from Frost, this historical narrative about Francis Ouimet’s victory in the 1913 U.S. Open is both inspiring and informative.

It offers a glimpse into the early days of modern golf, making it a brilliant read for those interested in the sport’s history and one of its best underdog stories.

Golf My Way by Jack Nicklaus

The man with the greatest number of major championships to his name, Jack Nicklaus shares his comprehensive approach to golf in this instructional classic.

Covering everything from swing mechanics to mental strategies, it’s an invaluable guide for golfers who aspire to understand the game from one of its greatest players.

How I Play Golf by Tiger Woods

The first golf book I ever read, How I Play Golf is perhaps my favourite golf manual ever.

Woods offers an in-depth look into his approach to golf, covering techniques, fitness, and mental strategies, and is written in a way that simplifies it for the average player.

It’s a comprehensive guide to playing great golf and covers just about everything you need to perfect the game.

The book’s blend of personal insights and practical advice makes it a compelling read for golfers and players eager to learn from the greatest of all time.

The Champion’s Mind by Dr. Jim Afremow

Not specifically a golf book, but a great read nonetheless. Afremow’s book explores the mental aspects of sports, including golf.

It’s a great book for players seeking to develop a champion’s mindset, offering strategies to enhance focus, resilience, and performance under pressure.

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