Best Budget Electric Golf Trolley [Top Picks For 2023]

An electric golf trolley is a brilliant investment for any type of golfer out there. Whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned professional, the addition of a good electric golf trolley can do wonders for your game.

Carrying a golf bag around 18 holes of golf can really begin to take it tole on your shoulders and back. Golf equipment is expensive enough, so which trolley is best if you’re on a budget or perhaps you just don’t fancy paying the big prices of the premium electric golf trolley brands?

Our top pick for overall quality and value is the Ben Sayers Lithium Battery Electric Trolley. It’s a very good budget price and has all the features you need to enjoy a round of golf. Its design is sturdy and is built to last you a good few years of golf.

Alternatively, you’ve also got three other really good budget options that will still do a good job, but don’t quite match up to the Ben Sayers option.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best budget options for golfers looking for a cheap electric golf trolley that’s under £300.

Let’s get into it and find out a little more about the best electric golf trolleys.

Best electric golf trolleys under £300

Best Budget Electric Golf Trolley

Why Do You Need An Electric Golf Trolley?

Electric trolleys are there to take the weight off your shoulders when you’re playing golf. Instead of carrying your clubs around for 18 holes, the electric trolley will do the work for you.

Sitting your bag on an electric trolley and then letting it move your clubs from one position to another is the perfect way of limiting the chances of injury while out playing.

Carrying your clubs can mean you get fatigued far more quickly and put more stress on your spine. If you think about it, the average golfer, they’ll be hitting around 100 shots a round.

This means you’re picking up and putting down a heavy back up to 100 times in the space of a few hours.

All of this tension and resistance is only putting pressure on areas such as the spine which shouldn’t be receiving so much pressure.

So having an electric golf trolley can help to limit the chances of any shoulder or back injury. of course, you can still hurt yourself whilst swinging, but without the tension from carrying a bag, it’s far less likely.

It’s also a far more comfortable experience to have an electric golf trolley chauffer your clubs around the course, instead of carrying them.

Walking up hills is easy when you aren’t weighed down by a heavy golf bag and walking freely feels like you’ve got your own golf caddy.

What Should I Look For When Buying Electric Trolleys?

It really comes down to personal preference when choosing a new golf trolley. However, there are a few different factors that can influence your buying decision.

Size of the trolley is obviously a very important factor and how well the trolley folds up. Can it be set up easily or does it require a degree in physics?

When looking at the more budget options on the trolley market, you’re going to see a couple of different elements which means that the price is much lower than the higher-end options.

Firstly, for a budget trolley, it’s most likely that the battery will be lead-acid. These types of batteries are older technology compared with modern lithium batteries, and will weigh much more, last longer on the course, and need to be replaced far sooner.

The size of the battery limits the overall compactness of the trolley and might not look as sleek as a lithium comparable.

That being said, they still are a great choice for lower-end trolleys, helping to reduce the overall price dramatically even if they aren’t quite as efficient to use.

The next and perhaps more noticeable factor is the lack of features on the trolley. Compared to the premium electric trolleys, the budget options won’t have any of the fancy functionality. These sorts of things include course GPS technology, USB chargers, or even remote controls.

These, whilst nice to have when you’re out playing, are far from a necessity and will only add a hefty amount to the price tag for the privilege.

If you can look past the shiny GPS technology and the sleek lithium batteries, you’ll be more than happy with a budget electric golf trolley that helps save your back, and makes walking around the golf course pain-free and even more enjoyable.

The other thing to mention when buying budget electric golf trolleys is that most of them will have the same features. All are fairly basic, but they will be relatively similar to one another.

The best things to look for in my opinion are the build quality, whether they’re durable enough to cope with more robust golf courses, and the battery.

Is there anything wrong with buying a cheap electric golf trolley?

A cheap electric golf trolley does what it says on the tin. It’s a no-thrills golf trolley that can be an ideal option for many golfers not looking to pay the big prices of the top brands.

What you can find for under £300 is an electric golf trolley that comfortably lasts 18 holes on a single charge, is sturdy enough to cope with hills and slopes, and looks like a premium model.

Like with anything, the cheaper the price the lower the overall quality. A budget option with a lead-acid battery will be far heavier than a lithium option. The battery will also need replacing far sooner than lithium.

The motor on the trolley also won’t be as powerful as the more expensive models. This means they’ll likely struggle more on very hilly courses.

However, those golfers that aren’t playing every day, they’re not going to be too worried about the life of a battery if it’s only potentially being used once a month.

Or maybe you’re playing a relatively flat course each week? The budget trolley is a more than capable option to meet those demands.

Best Electric Golf Trolleys Under £300

Now we know why electric golf trolleys are good for golfers of all levels, let’s take a look at some budget electric golf trolleys from the electric golf trolley market to see which is the best electric golf trolley under £300?

Ben Sayers Electric Golf Trolley

Image source: Ben Sayers

Ben Sayers offers three different choices for their golf trolley, allowing golfers to choose from an 18-hole or 36-hole lead acid battery or lithium battery, or a trolley with a remote control.

  • 200W motor
  • Lead acid or lithium, 18 or 36-hole battery
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Speed control dial with pre-set distance function
  • Includes free accessories, such as accessory station, scorecard holder, drinks holder, umbrella holder, rain cover, and trolley carry bag
  • One-year warranty on trolleys

Price-wise, the Ben Sayers electric golf trolley is a very reasonable one. For the 18-hole lead acid battery you’ll be looking to pay just under the £300 mark. The lithium battery will give the trolley far better longevity and in turn, costs about £70 more than the lead-acid.

Ben Sayers also throws in a great bundle of accessories for the trolley, included in the price and worth over £100.

A great lightweight frame means that the trolley is very easy to maneuver, and folding it away after the round isn’t difficult. The setup process only takes a couple of movements and then you’re ready to go out and play.

Our Verdict

The Ben Sayers Electric Golf Trolley is the best pick out of the budget electric golf trolleys. It’s sturdy and has a powerful motor to deal with any big slopes it may encounter.

For under £300 you get a whole lot of golf trolley and that’s why it’s such good value. It sets up in just a few seconds and has a really solid build quality which is what I think is key for a budget golf trolley.

With all of the accessories thrown in, it’s a brilliant value pick for a lot of golfers out there looking for something that’s strong and gets the job done.

Our best value trolley and top overall pick.

Promaster Plus Electric Golf Trolley

The Promaster Plus Electric Golf Trolley is another really good option for a budget electric golf trolley. At under £300, it works well as another cheap option compared to more premium models on the market.

  • 200W motor
  • 36-hole battery
  • Adjustable speed switch function
  • Includes free accessories, such as an accessory station, scorecard holder, drinks holder, umbrella holder and trolley carry bag.
  • One-year warranty on trolleys

Like the Ben Sayers trolley, the Promaster Plus comes with a powerful 200W motor that claims to climb steeper inclines of more than 20 degrees.

Unlike the Ben Sayers, this option comes with a 36-hole lead acid as standard which can keep going for at least a couple of rounds on a single charge of just 6 hours.

For the price, you also get plenty of accessories to go with the trolley.

Other features include an adjustable speed switch for choosing your speed, a set yardage feature that lets you choose 10, 20 or 30 metres, as well as a load capacity of up to 20kg for any big golf bags.

Our Verdict

The Promaster Plus is a good value trolley for the price. There’s a lot to like about it but as you would expect there’s also a few things that aren’t quite perfect.

The battery is certainly a powerful one, albeit rather heavy compared to other models. If you’re looking for something that can last a good couple of rounds, then this trolley does provide a good option.

The frame, although rather light, isn’t the easiest the fold up and down. It looks good once set up and does provide a sturdy structure for your bag when going over bumps.

The tires are also pretty robust and the control panel gives you some nice features, although I do much prefer a speed dial rather than just buttons.

Overall, I don’t think you’d be disappointed with the Promaster Plus electric golf trolley as it offers a powerful trolley for the price.

Caddymatic V2 Electric Golf Trolley

Next up in the budget electric golf trolleys list we have the Caddymatic V2. This is another great option for a cheap and reliable golf trolley to get you around the course.

  • 200W motor
  • 18-hole battery
  • Adjustable speed dial
  • Includes free accessories, such as an accessory station, scorecard holder, drinks holder, umbrella holder and trolley carry bag.
  • One-year warranty on trolleys

This model features the ‘upgraded’ 18-hole battery which can comfortably do more than 18 holes on one charge.

The trolley features an LED display screen that shows the speed of choice. The speed dial allows you to choose a speed from 1 to 9, with a top speed of 8Km/H.

Like the Promaster Plus, the V2 gives you the option of a set distance button so you can send it off and it will stop.

The trolley also comes with larger 10″ wheels with extra tread for grip on those wetter days.

Our Verdict

The Caddymatic V2 is a brilliant budget choice for golfers looking for something that’s basic but good quality. It’s basically the same as the Ben Sayers model, with an almost identical shape and design.

The setup is again easy and has been designed for speed but also feels solid over the bumps. I like the choice of different of five colours to pick from, so you can find an option to match your style and bag.

The LED display and dial is a better feature than other budget options and the soft handle is comfortable. As mentioned it’s almost identical to the Ben Sayers, but without any lithium battery options.

The V2 would be an excellent choice for many golfers out there looking for a good cheap option.

Offmetrolley Z1 Electric Golf Trolley

Next up is the Offmetrolley Z1 Electric Golf Trolley. This model is another cheap, no-thrills option that can keep you from fatiguing too soon out on the golf course.

  • 200W motor
  • 36-hole battery
  • Adjustable speed switch
  • Includes free accessories, such as an accessory station, scorecard holder and umbrella holder
  • One-year warranty on trolleys

With a 36-hole lead acid battery, this budget electric trolley is a good value option for golfers who play a fair bit of golf.

The speed switch has plenty of great features such as preset 10, 20 and 30 yards, allowing it to automatically move and finish where you’d prefer.

The visual battery screen indicator is useful for knowing how much is left on the charge and to see if it’s got a few more holes left in the tank.

The strong, lightweight design is good quality and has a very compact folding size of just 79 x 54 x 30 cm, which will comfortably fit into your car.

With two different design options to choose from, you can pick a white or black model to fit in with your style of golf bag.

Our Verdict

The Offmetrolley Z1 is certainly a good electric trolley. It’s cheap and with that, you get a 36-hole battery life.

Am I convinced that you’ll actually get a full 36 holes completed on just one charge? I’m not so sure. However, you’ll certainly get a very powerful 18 holes and for most that’s more than enough.

The handle on this trolley is very comfortable to hold, although I’m not a fan of the speed controls and much prefer the dial options.

The structure is light and folds up to a very compact size, compared to some of the other picks.

Overall the Z1 has a lot to be liked, with its battery life and sizing. The build quality does feel a little shaky, however, it’s still a good choice and the cheapest electric golf trolley on our list.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for our detailed look at the best electric golf trolleys for under £300. There’s a ton of good options to choose from, whether you’re a total beginner or you just fancy a change from carrying.

The top pick for me is the Ben Sayers Electric Golf Trolley and the best electric golf trolley under £300. It’s lightweight, sturdy and has a speed control which I like the most. Overall it’s just an excellent electric golf trolley that will last the test of time and can cope with most course challenges that’s thrown at it.

If you’re willing to spend a little over £300, then I’d thoroughly recommend getting the lithium battery option. It’s far lighter than lead acid batteries, plus you won’t need to replace it every couple of years. For the sake of about £70, it’s a far better choice in my opinion.

Electric models of golf trolley are a really great option for a lot of people, however, some golfers might like a push golf trolley instead. Check out our look at the best Druids golf trolley to find a push option to fit your game.

Budget Electric Golf Trolley FAQ’s

Is it worth getting an electric golf trolley?

Electric golf trolleys are ideal for golfers playing on hilly golf courses as it means they won’t get too tired. It also reduces any pain or strain from being exerted onto a golfer’s shoulders or back, as you would expect from carrying a bag of clubs.

How long will an electric golf trolley last?

Electric golf trolleys usually last between 2 and 8 years. If the battery is a lead acid battery, this will usually need replacing every 2 years, whereas a lithium battery will have a much longer life span and approximately 3 times as long as a lead acid option.

Should I leave my golf trolley battery on charge all the time?

It’s not recommended to leave your electric trolley battery on charge for any longer than the charge time required. For safety reasons, it’s always a good idea to take it off charge once the fully charged light has shown. Overcharging the battery can also reduce the battery’s longevity, so it’s best avoided if possible.

Can you use an electric golf trolley in the rain?

Yes, you can absolutely use electric golf trolleys in the rain. All the electrical units are sealed off and therefore water should not be able to get into any areas.

Can electric golf carts go up steep hills?

Yes, electric golf trolleys can and should be pretty comfortable going up steep hills. Depending on the motor, battery and weight distribution will depend on how easily the trolley will find the hill to go up. The trolley might also need some support from the user to prevent the trolley from falling over, depending on how steep and the angle of the slope.

Is a lithium battery golf cart worth it?

Yes, a lithium battery for your electric trolley is definitely worth the money. This is because it lasts much longer, is far lighter, and is safer and better for the planet than lead acid batteries. Although it will cost you a bit more money, you won’t have to replace it anywhere near as often as you would with a lead acid option.

How do you maintain an electric golf trolley?

Always start by checking the manual from the manufacturer before you start any electric trolley maintenance. After a round of golf, always ensure the trolley is clean and dry to prevent any dirt or water from getting into areas of the trolley that could affect its usability. It’s also always a good idea to charge up your battery after use as it will give it the best power for the next time you play. However, never overcharge the battery as this can damage the battery life.

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