Benross Rev Wedge Review [Best Value Wedge?]

Benross is a great golf brand for a lot of golfers looking for affordable equipment that performs well.

We decided to take a look at the Benross Rev Wedge and see if it matches up to some of the other more premium brands on the market.

Benross Rev Wedge

Benross Rev Wedge Reviews

Benross Rev Golf Wedge

The Benross Rev Wedge has been created using a very high-quality 304 Stainless Steel, designed to provide ultimate short-game feedback and a very soft-feeling face.

The Precision CNC Milled Face aims at providing a better level of control around the greens for chip shots and pitch shots, as well as maximum spin.

The varying sole grinds have been added to give a level of versatility around the green. The low bounce FS Grind on the 52° features a heel and trailing edge relief which helps hit the longer shots.

Then you’ve also got the WS Grind, which can be found on the higher loft options. These wedges have a high bounce and a wider sole design to support golfers on any of those muddy or heavy lies, as well as giving a little extra assistance for bunker play.

All of the wedges come with a Lamkin Z5 Grip for maximum feel and grip during a shot, plus a very high-quality shaft, in the KBS HI-REV 2.0.

The black finish also accompanies all of the Rev Wedges, aimed at reducing any glare when playing in bright sunlight.

Benross Rev Wedge Key Features

  • Precision CNC Milled Face
  • FS Grind (52°)
  • WS Grind (56°, 60°)
  • KBS HI-REV 2.0 Wedge Shaft
  • Lamkin Z5 Grip

Our Verdict

Benross Rev Wedges are great value for money, there’s absolutely no denying that. Having used them for a few rounds, it really does prove that you don’t have to pay the big prices to get a very good quality piece of golf equipment.

For me, wedges have always been one of the most important golf clubs in the bag. A wedge set that performs how you’d like them to is vital if you want to play good golf. Inside 100 yards is where you make your scores, after all.

The Rev feels nice off the face for full shots and pitch shots. It’s not overly soft, but you can certainly get a sense of control over the ball and a consistently controlled ball flight, partly down to the progressive CG position.

Around the greens, the playability is pretty good. The Milled face maximises spin with what it’s got on offer. The level of spin is controllable and ideal for stopping the ball near the flag.

I also really like the matte black design on the Rev wedges. The lack of glare off the face is nice, but I think the design down at the ball is very sleek and fills me with confidence.

Overall, the Benross Rev Wedge is a very good choice for many mid to high-handicap golfers out there. When you compare them to a new Titleist Vokey Wedge, for example, the price is over half of what you’d pay for the premium brand.

For 70% of golfers out there, they’ll see absolutely no value in spending £150 on a single golf wedge. Unlike a Driver or Fairway Wood, there’s far less technology in a golf wedge and the difference in performance won’t be noticeable.

Of course, the Rev Wedge does have its floors, it’s a £60 wedge after all. The lack of loft options alone means I could never see myself actually using them. As many top players would attest to, having the correct loft setup for their wedges is crucial.

The feel off the face is also not the same and you’ll get better control from a Vokey Wedge. The spin produced is less and the strike certainly feels a little firmer.

But, with all this being said, would I recommend the Benross Rev Wedges? Yes, I absolutely would. They’re incredibly affordable and for the price, they’re one of the best wedges for new golfers. You get a really great quality product that many golfers would get amazing performance from.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for our look at the Benross Rev Black Wedge review. This set of wedges from Benross would fit right into many club golfer’s bags and at the price, it’s a very good deal indeed.

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Ed Welton

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