Benross Golf Clubs Review [Any Good?]

Benross is a UK-based golf manufacturer that builds equipment targetting the more game-improvement

player. Compared to the big brands such as Taylormade or Callaway, their equipment is incredibly affordable to the average golfer, but is it any good?

In this article, we’ll test out a few of the Benross golf clubs and see if they’re any good.

Benross Golf Club Review

Benross Delta X Steel Golf Irons

The Benross Delta X Steel Irons are the top pick from the Benross irons collection and one of the best sets of affordable irons on the market.

Firstly, the look of these irons is great. Down at the ball, the top line thickness is thin and the satin plated stainless steel design looks super clean, as well as a slightly reduced offset compared to previous models. At address, these irons do look similar to a Taylormade set which I love.

In terms of performance, these irons play really well. The build quality is good and the feel off the face is very solid. For a game-improvement iron, they’re just as you would expect from the face.

A much firmer strike, compared to say a set of blades. The head design has moved weight more towards the toe, which in turn helps increase the sweet spot and overall forgiveness.

Spin rates were a little lower than I’m used to, but they’re certainly much easier to hit straight and they seem to have a more penetrating ball flight in the air.

Distance-wise, they’re not the longest irons on the market. The lofts are a little higher than other similar irons, however, distance isn’t everything and straighter shots are usually the better answer.

The irons also come with great quality KBS steel shafts or Fujikura graphite shafts and Lamkin Crossline golf grips which is a nice touch.

Overall, for the money, these irons are a really worthwhile purchase for a lot of golfers. The feel, look and performance matches up to brands that cost twice the price, so for any golfer looking for affordable clubs to help their game, these Benross irons are well-suited and should definitely be considered.

Benross Delta X Golf Driver

Having tested the Benross Delta X Golf Driver, it’s hard to really fault it in terms of performance.

The ball speed off the face was as I would expect from my current premium brand driver and the spin rate wasn’t overly high which always like to see. This means that the carry distance is about the same as well.

Through impact, the face does feel good and very stable which gives you the confidence to really swing hard at the ball. The weight distribution seems to have been chosen well as it’s forgiving on any miss-hit shots and the overall distance lost doesn’t seem to be massively impactful.

Despite the price, Benross has spent money on areas that actually matter on the club. The grip and shafts are top of the range, which adds to the overall performance.

The only area that you can tell money has been saved is in the headcover and the overall finish, mainly on the underside of the head. However, all of this has no effect on performance, and at the end of the day, the most important factor is how well it plays.

With that said, this driver from Benross is a really great option for a value golf club. The performance is totally comparable to that of a top brand but at over half the price. If you’re a weekend golfer or a complete beginner, for the price, Benross produces the best value-for-money driver on the market.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for our Benross golf club reviews. The brand is certainly one that you should be thinking about if you’re looking for value golf clubs, which perform as well as the more premium brands like Ping or Titleist.

Where Benross perhaps lacks in design and finish, it certainly doesn’t miss out on performance. Clearly, any cost savings from less important elements have been spent on enhancing usability and the club’s capabilities when out on the golf course.

Find out a little more about the Benross brand, including who owns Benross.

Benross Golf Club FAQs

Does American Golf own Benross?

Benross is owned by International Leisure Group Limited, which also owns other brands such as American Golf, Online Golf, and Rife.

How good are Benross drivers?

Benross drivers perform as well as other top brands in the market. Overall forgiveness and distance are just as good, if not better than other drivers which cost double the price.

Ed Welton

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