Average Par On A Golf Course [Explained]

There’s plenty of golf courses in the world, all of which have their own par for the course.

From iconic links courses in Scotland to the famous Augusta National, each has its own par.

But what is the average par on a golf course? Let’s take a look.

What Is The Average Par On A Golf Course?

Average Par For A Golf Course

The average par for a golf course is 72, based on the men’s tee boxes.

For ladies’ tees, the par is usually around 74, but this can vary depending on the course.

Based on the top 100 golf courses in the world, most courses have a par of 72, with the median number being 71 and the average number being 71.12.

Although the most common par is 72, there are in fact far more courses with a par of less than 72, than courses with a par of greater than 72. Hence this is why the median and mean are less than 72.

Most golf courses have a par of 72.

From the list of the top 100 golf courses, only three courses had a total par score less than 70 and just three courses have a par of greater than 72. The most common par is a 72, then a 71 and then a par 70.

Most modern courses these days are built with a par of 72 in mind. With the improvements in technology, courses have to get longer to accommodate for longer shots.

Older golf courses tend to have a lower par, such as Sunningdale Old or Royal Dornoch each with a par of 70.

This is because they were built when golf was in its infancy, with limited technology and where golfers couldn’t overpower the courses as they can with modern equipment today.

How Is Par Determined For A Golf Course?

The par for a course is the combined total of each hole’s par on the course. Usually, this will be over 18 holes or 9 holes.

Therefore, the total par is based on the number of par 3s, par 4s, par 5s and par 6s. If a course has lots of par 3s and not many par 5s, then it’s going to be a lower total par score, and vice versa.

The type of tee box can also be a factor in what the course’s par is. The par for a course can vary depending on which tee box you’re playing from.

For example, a hole’s par might change from a 4 to a 5 depending on if it’s off the yellow tee boxes or the white tees. This could be because the white tees are 100 yards further than the yellows, so it makes sense to turn it into a par 5.

The par can also vary if it’s a golf course used for professional tournaments. With the lengths that professional golfers hit the ball, courses have to adjust.

They can do this by adjusting what a hole’s par is for when the top players are playing the course, which will change the overall par and length for the course.

For example, a par 5 which would be easy for those on the PGA Tour, could be changed to a par 4, and make it a much tougher hole to score a par.

When designing a new course, many considerations are taken into account regarding what the par should be.

Generally, modern courses are designed to be a par 72. However, it’s important to look at what is required for the modern game of golf.

A course with more par 5s usually means it’s more attractive to average golfers because they’re easier than a long par 4. Whereas a course with lots of long par 4s might be ideal for offering a good challenge to an avid golfer.

Then you’ve also got to look at the number of par 3s. These holes can help add character to a course and make it more of a memorable experience for recreational golfers.

But then you’ve also got the consideration of adding a few short par 4s, which add the fun element of risk and reward.

All of these factors and considerations need to be thought of when designing a golf course as they will determine what the total par score is.

what is the average par for 18 holes

Are All Golf Courses Par 72?

A par 72 golf course is the most common of golf course pars, however not all golf courses have a par of 72.

The par for a golf course takes into account many different factors which will help to determine what a course par is, and as a result, par can differ greatly across the world.

Many top golf courses in the world have a par of 72, such as Augusta National and The Old Course at St Andrews. However, there’s also plenty of other amazing courses which have different pars, including Open Championship venue and par 70, Royal St George’s.

Final Thoughts

The par of a course is a very important element of the game of golf. Based on the combined total of each golf hole, the par sets the benchmark for the number of strokes top players should be aiming to score in a round of golf.

This combined with the handicap system, gives golfers the fairest chance of competing whatever their level.

If you’re looking to experience different courses with different pars, check out our course reviews to help you decide where you should be playing.


What is average par for 18 holes?

The average par on 18 holes is 72, with most golf courses sitting around the 72 or 71 mark. This means that a golfer with a scratch handicap should be making a total score of 72 to be level par.

What is typical par for 18 holes?

The most common par for a course is 72. Most modern golf courses will be a par of either 71 or 72, depending on how long it is and how challenging it plays.

What is a normal par golf course?

The normal par for 18 holes is between 68 and 73 for men. This is the total of all 18 of the individual holes‘ par scores and is most commonly 72.

Is 72 always par?

No, the par of a course is unique to that course and is based on a number of different factors. Although 72 is the most common par, courses par will usually range from 68 to 73 for men.

Are all 18 holes 72 par?

No, 72 is the average golf course par for a golf course but not all courses have a par of 72. The par for the course varies of a few different factors such as length and hole types.

What does par 72 mean in golf?

A par 72 is the number of shots that a scratch golfer should be taking on that particular course. This is the combined par for the 18 holes golf course.

Is par always 72?

Par for a golf course isn’t always 72. The par can depend on a number of different factors such as course length and which tee boxes are being used. However, the average course par for a modern golf course is 72.

What is the average par for a golf course?

A typical golf course par is 72, however, this can vary depending on various different factors which can either make the par lower or higher.

What is par on most golf courses?

The average par golf course is 72 which is most common in modern golf courses. The par for a golf course usually ranges from 68 to 73 for men, but the average par for golf course is 72.

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