Are Golf Shoes Necessary? [Worth The Investment?]

You’ve sorted your clubs, you’re stocked up with golf balls and your swing is feeling good. But what should you have on your feet for a round of golf?

In this article, we’ll have a look and see whether wearing golf shoes out on the golf course is actually worthwhile or whether they’re just another expensive accessory that you won’t actually need.

Are Golf Shoes Necessary?

Are Golf Shoes Necessary?

Are Golf Shoes Necessary When Playing Golf?

There’s no rule that says golf shoes are necessary for playing golf, however, they can certainly add some value to your golf game and help improve your ball striking.

Most courses will be absolutely fine with golfers not wearing golf shoes and opting for trainers or other comfortable shoes to play in.

Some more traditional golf courses will have a requirement that people playing golf have to wear proper golf shoes and follow the dress code of the club.

If you’re a new golfer, who usually just hits a few balls on the driving range, spending £100+ on golf shoes may not be a worthwhile purchase.

Oftentimes, wearing a comfy pair of shoes with a thick sole such as running shoes, athletic shoes or cross trainers, will be sufficient for hitting a few golf shots in practice.

However, if you’re playing a few rounds of golf a year, then it’s definitely a good decision to invest in some decent golf shoes to assist your game.

Professional golfers will only ever wear golf shoes as they understand how important they are for helping them play the best golf possible. Some pros will even get a new pair of golf shoes for every tournament they play.

This obviously isn’t possible for many golfers, but looking at your shoes and investing in them the same way golfers invest in their golf clubs is certainly a worthwhile decision.

Should You Wear Golf Shoes?

Golf shoes aren’t a requirement for most golf courses, however, there’s certainly a strong argument for why all golfers should be wearing them when they play golf.

Not only do they look stylish when you’re out on the course, but they also provide plenty of benefits which can help you play better golf.

Having played golf in both golf shoes and trainers, I can certainly attest to the fact that golf shoes are far better to swing in.

Here’s a few key reasons why you should have a pair of golf shoes the next time you’re playing golf.


Golf shoes are specifically designed for giving support to golfers when hitting a golf ball.

When you look at the swing speed of the top professional players on the PGA Tour, the amount of force that gets exerted onto their whole body can lead to injury without the proper footwear.

Take Tiger Woods for example, his initial knee injuries were directly linked to his downswing and the turn onto his left leg.

Therefore, this amount of pressure on the knees and legs during a golf swing needs to be supported with a decent pair of golf shoes.


A good quality pair of golf shoe provides amazing comfort for a long round of golf.

Walking around the course for 18 holes, or even 9, can certainly take its toll on your feet, so a comfy pair of golf shoes can work to help alleviate any discomfort.

Golf shoes feature arch support which can help prevent cramps and pain in the foot. They also have many areas of padding and are flexible to move with the golfer through the golf swing motion.

I’ve also focused heavily on finding golf shoes which are comfy to wear. When trying a pair on, I’ll almost instantly know if they’re a good fit, offering enough support around the foot, but also reaming comfortable.


Golf shoes provide traction on the course, which keeps the feet stable and helps prevent a golfer from slipping up during a shot or whilst walking around.

In wet conditions or if the grass is damp from morning dew, spikes on the underside of the golf shoes will give extra traction and help keep the golfer stable throughout.

Without sufficient stability from the ground, it’s very difficult to hit a good golf shot, especially if your feet are sliding all over the place.

Most golf swing power comes from the ground up. I work hard on generating speed from pushing off my feet, so without a solid base and a good grip, it’s almost impossible to achieve this.


Having grown up playing in the UK, I’m used to playing golf in the rain and there’s no worse feeling than 18 holes in a soggy pair of socks.

Thankfully, a good pair of golf shoes will help prevent this, as they add a level of waterproof protection.

Depending on their design and style, golf shoes are built to keep water out far better than an average pair of trainers and can keep your feet dry for the whole round of golf.


Conversely, in the UK, it does occasionally get nice and warm, so it’s important to find a pair of shoes that are breathable and prevent too much sweat buildup.

Golf shoes are made with this in mind, so will have a special lining to help absorb any extra moisture from sweat and panelling to help provide airflow and breathability.

There’s nothing worse than a smelly pair of trainers from a day of sweaty feet, so investing in a good pair of golf shoes can help prevent this.

Which Are Better: Spiked Golf Shoes Or Spikeless Golf Shoes?

Spiked Golf Shoes Or Spikeless Golf Shoes?

Both spiked shoes and spikeless shoes have their benefits and with so many golf shoe manufacturers on the market, it’s not easy to know which to choose.

Spiked shoes provide more traction and grip than a pair of spikeless shoes. Spiked golf shoes can either mean metal spikes or rubber spikes, but they usually give a better grip during wet conditions than non-spiked golf shoes.

The other great thing about spiked shoes is the fact that the spikes can be replaced if they become worn out, unlike a pair of spikeless golf shoes which would need the whole shoe replacing if they lose all their grip.

Spikeless golf shoes on the other hand give a golfer more choice in styles with more spikeless designs on the market. They also offer greater versatility as they can be worn all over, not just on the golf course.

Spikeless golf shoes also tend to be lighter than those with spikes, which can mean they’re comfier to wear and put less stress on your feet.

Both spiked and spikeless shoes are worth investing in and both provide certain benefits that will help golfers, but which you choose is more down to personal preference.

Final Thoughts

So are golf shoes worth having when you’re playing golf? Quite simply, the answer is yes.

Whether you’re a new golfer or a professional golfer, you need golf shoes to play golf. Just like any other sport, you need golf-specific shoes in order to get the best performance possible.

Should you be wearing golf shoes to watch a golf tournament such as the US Open? Check out our guide.


Is it OK to wear sneakers on golf course?

Yes, you can wear sneakers on most golf courses, as long as the dress code policy allows it. A comfy pair of shoes is always recommended if you’re playing 9 or 18 holes of golf, especially if you’re walking it and not using a cart.

Are golf shoes different than regular sneakers?

Golf shoes are built differently from a regular pair of sneakers as they’re specifically designed for playing golf. The design is structured to offer more ankle support and more cushioning to accommodate for lots of walking. They’re also more flexible and have better traction for all sorts of conditions.

Does it matter what shoes you wear to golf?

Depending on where you’re playing golf, there’s not normally a requirement to wear golf shoes. However, golf shoes offer far more support than a standard pair of shoes and can also help prevent injury.

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