Are Chippers Legal In Golf? [Read This Before Buying]

Chipping is one of the hardest aspects of golf. Something that looks so simple can lead to bad scores and years of heartache.

If you’re struggling with your chipping, the best solution is always to get a good lesson and do some serious practice.

However, not everyone has the time to grind it out on the practice chipping green. Introducing the golf chipper, a great alternative for those that struggle with a wedge in hand.

But are golf chippers legal and can you use them in a golf competition? Let’s find out.

Are golf chippers legal?

Are Chippers Legal In Golf UK

Are Golf Chippers Legal?

A golf chipper is legal in golf, according to the R&A and United States Golf Association provided that they meet the requirements as set by the sports governing bodies.

If you’re thinking about adding a golf chipper to your bag, you need to ensure that it conforms with the rules otherwise you won’t be able to use it on the golf course or tournament play.

Golf chippers are great for golfers that struggle with chipping, as they simplify the process and take the difficulty out of chipping on tight lies. The leading edge is far less prominent and there’s more bounce.

Golf chippers also mean that you lose out on having another golf club, as you can only really use a chipper from around the green. This is compared to a lob wedge or a sand wedge, which can be used for full shots and shots from the bunker.

What Makes A Golf Chipper Legal?

For golf chippers to conform for tournament play they must meet a few requirements. The R&A and USGA rules state the following:

  • The shaft must be attached to the clubhead at the heel
  • The grip must be circular in cross-section and only one grip is permitted
  • The clubhead must be generally plain in shape and have only one striking face
  • The face of the club must conform to the specifications with respect to hardness, surface roughness, material, markings in the impact area and dynamic properties
  • The length of the club must follow the guidelines for chippers specified

Essentially, the main point to look for our the fact that it is unique to a golf putter or a standard golf club. A circular grip is basically saying that the grip can’t be a putter grip.

A putter also can have two sides and a loft of less than ten degrees. A two-way chipper isn’t allowed and the one-sided face must have a loft of greater than ten degrees.

Best Golf Chippers

If you’re a mid to high handicap, a chipper wedge can be perfect for your game and now we know that chippers are legal, here’s a few of our top picks.

Final Thoughts

A golf chipper is a great way to help your golf game if you have trouble chipping.

Despite what a lot of people say about chippers, they are in fact a legal club that can be used in golf legally. Whether in just a friendly round with your mates or a serious competition at the club, golf chippers can be an essential piece of your golfing equipment.


Can you use a chipper in golf competitions?

A golf chipper is allowed to be used in golf competitions, provided that it meets the requirements and conforms with the R&A and USGA rules.

Can you take a full swing with a chipper?

You can take a full swing with a golf chipper, however, it’s not recommended as it is only designed for short chip shots from around the greens.

How far off the green can you use a chipper?

Golf chippers are great for use from just off the green. Depending on the loft of the club, usually, it is used from just off the green.

A chipper is useful for chip and run shots or where you need to get the golf ball over a hazard.

Why don’t more people use chippers?

For a lot of golfers, the idea of using a chipper golf club is a big no-no, mainly because it means you’re not good at chipping.

But also you can’t really use a chipper for anything else so it’s a bit of a wasted club to have in the golf bag.

Is it OK to use golf chippers?

If you’re struggling with chipping in golf, it’s totally OK to use a golf chipper to help you get the ball into the hole from around the green. As long as the club conforms with the rules it’s a great club to have in the bag.

How and when to use a chipper in golf?

A chipper should be played similarly to how you would use a putter, with a putting stroke action.

A chipper usually has a loft similar to a seven or eight iron so it will act like a chip and run shot.

When you’re close to the green is the best time to use a chipper and it can be played high or high depending on the loft of the club.

Do any tour players use chippers?

It’s very unlikely you’ll ever see a PGA Tour player using a chipper because they’re such a good standard of golfer that they don’t need one.

Although it would be totally legal to have one in play, professional golfers will opt for a selection of wedges for their short game.

Are double-sided chippers legal golf clubs?

No a double-sided chipper is not legal in a golf. For a chipper to be legal it must be unique to a putter, with just one face and a loft of over 10 degrees.

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