What Age For Senior PGA Tour? [Can Tiger Play?]

The great thing about golf is you can play it basically your whole life.

And when it comes to pro golf, the PGA Tour Champions is an example of the older generation of tour players that still has an incredible golf game and can compete week in and week out.

But what sort of age do you have to be, before you can start competing in Champions Tour events? Let’s have a look.

How old to play senior PGA?

What Age For the Senior PGA Tour?

PGA Tour Champions Age

To become a Champions Tour member, a player needs to be aged 50 or over to meet the senior PGA age requirements.

Senior golfers looking to play in the various events on the PGA Tour Champions have to wait until they reach their 50th birthday before they can decide whether or not to play.

As soon as they turn 50 years old, they become eligible to compete on the Champions Tour and can start playing.

There’s no senior PGA age limit, provided a golfer is good enough to compete and over the age of 50, they’re allowed to play on the tour.

The best players, who may still be PGA Tour players, will almost certainly be guaranteed a spot in tournaments held. They can most likely play on the Champions Tour and go back to the PGA Tour for a specific tournament.

For players not on the PGA Tour currently, it’s likely they will have to go through a qualifying tournament.

Golfers who reach the age of 50 are still eligible to play in PGA Tour events alongside PGA Tour Champions tournaments.

Tom Watson who was playing on the PGA Tour Champions at the time, came close to winning The Open Championship back in 2009 at the age of 59, just losing out in a playoff to Stewart Cink.

If he had won, he’d have become the oldest winner on the PGA Tour and the oldest player to win a major championship.

Legends Tour Age

To compete on the Legends Tour, also known as the European Senior Tour, golfers also have to reach the age of 50.

The Legends Tour is part of the PGA European Tour and hosts the best golfers in Europe aged 50 and over.

The Legends Tour includes some of the best golfers to have played the game, including former World Number One and Major winners.

Oldest Winner On PGA Tour Champions

The oldest player ever to win on the PGA Tour Champions is Bernhard Langer when he won the 2023 Chubb Classic at the age of 65 years, 5 months and 23 days.

This beat his previously set record of 65 years, 2 months and 10 days in 2022.

Bernhard Langer currently holds the record for the highest amount of PGA Tour Champions victories alongside Hale Irwin, winning a total of 45 times.

Final Thoughts

Golfers that are good enough to still compete at a high level can find great success on professional senior golf tours.

Whether it’s just two tournaments a year or a full calendar, the PGA Tour Champions and the Legends Tour are ideal for top players that meet the senior PGA age requirements of 50 and over to make a really good living and compete against some of the greatest players of all time.


How old do you have to be to play on the senior PGA Tour?

The PGA senior tour age limit is for golfers aged 50 and over. Once tour pros turn 50 years old, they become eligible to play on either the PGA Tour Champions or the Legends Tour in Europe.

What is the oldest you can be in the PGA?

There is no age limit for the PGA Tour. If you’re good enough to compete with the top players, it doesn’t matter what your age is. However, most golfers once they reach the age of 50 will decide to play on the Champions Tour.

Is Tiger Woods eligible for the senior tour?

Currently, Tiger Woods isn’t able to play on the PGA Tour Champions. Once he turns 50 years old, he’ll be eligible to compete on the tour.

Is there an age limit for senior PGA Tour?

Yes, golfers looking to compete on the senior tour need to be aged 50 or over. A golfer becomes eligible for the tour on their 50th birthday.

What is the senior tour age requirement?

The age requirement for the senior tours is 50. Once a golfer turns 50, they can compete on either the PGA Tour Champions or the Legends Tour.

Is there a senior PGA Tour age limit?

The senior PGA Tour has a minimum age limit of 50, where any player aged 50 or over can try and compete on the tour.

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