9 Iron Golf Club [What Is It?]

A set of golf clubs is full of different clubs, all of which are designed to offer different types of shots when they’re required.

Often, it’s the driver that gets all of the credit for good scoring, especially when you see the top PGA Tour pros hitting the ball over 300 yards with ease.

However, the beauty of golf is that it requires all sorts of different shots. From long drives to 130-yard pitch shots, to flop shots over bunkers to 5-foot left to right putts.

And with that said, the golf 9 iron is just as important a club as a driver or a putter. There are plenty of occasions when you’ll be playing golf and need to use your 9 iron for a shot.

What are 9 irons?

9 Iron Golf Clubs

What Is A 9 Iron?

A 9 iron is a type of golf iron that is used to hit the ball higher and shorter compared to other clubs such as a driver or 3 iron.

One of the shortest golf irons in a set (similar to a 10 iron), the 9 iron produces a higher ball flight, a shorter distance, and a greater amount of spin compared to the longer irons in the set.

A 9 iron tends to be easier to hit than a longer iron such as a 4 iron because of the fact it is shorter in length and has more loft making it easier to hit the ball up in the air.

What Loft Are 9 Iron Golf Clubs?

The loft of a 9 iron is usually around the 40-degree mark. It can vary depending on the brand and the type of club. Of course, the lower the loft, the further the ball should go in theory.

For example, a bladed iron, which is usually aimed at the better player, will have a higher loft on the club face. This is because this sort of player is less focused on distance and more on feel. For a bladed iron, the standard loft will tend to be around the 43-degree mark.

For a more game-improvement iron, the loft tends to be lower to help the lower-standard golfers hit the ball further. For this sort of 9 iron, you can expect below 40 at the 37-degree mark.

It also very much depends on the golf clubs manufacturer in the market. For example, the Taylormade muscle back P790 9 iron has a loft of 40 degrees, whereas the Mizuno Pro 221 has a loft of 42.

What Lie Angle Is A 9 Iron?

The lie angle of a 9 iron is usually around the 63 degrees mark. Again this can vary between different club manufacturers, with some flatter angles such as 61 degrees, and a more upright angle of 65.

The lie for an iron is very important for golfers. A lie that’s too flat or too upright can cause a golfer to miss shots to the left or right. That’s why it’s always a good idea to get your lie angles checked when buying new clubs.

This can be determined by looking at the sole of the club at the impact position. If it arrives parallel to the ground, this means the angle is correct for the golfer.

What Length Is A 9 Iron?

An average steel-shafted, men’s 9 iron will be about 36 inches long and for women about 35 inches. Some club manufacturers will have an extra 1/2 inch on either side of that number.

Graphite shafted irons will usually be a little bit longer than steel shafts.

What Is A 9 Iron Used For In Golf?

A 9 iron is a very versatile club that can actually be used on a lot of occasions whilst out playing. Due to its loft and its length, it can produce a few different shots. Let’s take a look at what a 9 iron is used for.

Approach Shot

A 9 iron will most often be used for hitting into a flag for an approach golf shot. For most golfers, this will be when they’re left with around 130 yards to the pin, depending on the golf swing and how far golfers hit the golf ball.

The flight of a 9 iron is high because of its loft, so it will land softly onto the green coming in from a steeper angle. Better players, who compress the ball at the impact position will be able to put more spin on the ball and let the ball stop more quickly.

In golf, anything within 150 yards is said to be the ‘scoring zone’. Therefore, the focus for a club like a 9 iron is more on accuracy and getting the ball near the flag, rather than how hard you can hit it.

Par 3 Hole

For a fairly short par 3, a 9 iron might be the perfect choice of club to hit off the tee.

Depending on how far the hole is and how far a 9 iron can be hit, the 9 iron might be an ideal yardage.

When playing a 9 iron from the tee box, you can choose whether you want to tee it up or play it from the ground.

The high-flighted golf shot of a 9 iron will allow the ball to land softly on the green and check up without too much extra effort.

Chipping Around The Greens

The loft of a 9 iron is about 40 degrees which makes it a great club for chipping from around the green.

Similar to another wedge in the bag, like a pitching wedge, the 9 iron works well for chip and run shots from on the fringes.

Playing a 9 iron chip and run gets the ball in the air, over any fringe or rough, and onto the first few feet of the green to then roll out to the flag.

These kinds of chip shots start low and are great when there is plenty of room on the green to the flag and there’s no need for a high chip shot to be played.

How To Hit A 9 Iron?

To play a 9 iron, set up with the ball positioned just to the right position of centre in your stance, with a shoulder-width stance. Unlike a fairway wood which is just inside the lead foot.

Hitting down on the ball is important, using the loft of the club face to lift the ball and get the stopping power that a 9 iron can produce.

During the swing, naturally rotate your shoulders, with a good pivot and hips turning through the ball to achieve more distance in the shot.

Remember, the harder you swing at the ball, the less likely to hit the sweet spot on the face and a 9 iron is more about accuracy rather than distance.

Final Thoughts

That rounds off our look at 9 iron golf clubs. It’s one of the best golf clubs in the golf bag and offers a great deal of versatility for golfers.

Short irons are where you can make a score, so learning to hit them well is crucial to playing good golf.

9 Iron FAQs

How far should a 9 iron go?

The distance a 9 iron can go depends on the swing and ability of the player. An average player hits a 9 iron between 120 and 140 yards, however with a faster swing speed a 9 iron can be hit over 150 yards.

What is the difference between a 4 iron and a 9 iron in golf?

The difference between a 4 iron and a 9 iron is the length, loft, and lie. A 4 iron is much longer with a lower loft, so can be hit much further than a 9 iron. Whereas a 9 iron has a higher loft, so will go a much shorter distance and with more height.

Can you chip with a 9 iron?

Yes, a 9 iron is a great choice of golf club to chip with. Similar to a pitching wedge and sand wedge, it allows a golfer to play a chip and run shot onto the green and let it roll out to the flag.

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