4BBB Stableford [How To Play?]

In golf, there’s plenty of different formats that can be played by all levels of golfer. One of the most popular is the format four ball better ball stableford, also known as 4BBB Stableford.

But what is 4BBB Stableford and how do you play it? Let’s take a look.

What Is 4BBB Stableford?

4BBB Stableford

A 4BBB Stableford is a type of golf format where golfers play in teams of two and play using Stableford scoring.

Despite the name, it is usually played by two players and each golfer plays their own ball on every hole and the player that makes the best ball or score on that hole, their score will be counted.

Using the Stableford scoring format, the best score is the golfer that has the most points at the completion of each given hole.

For example, if one player takes a 4 and gets 2 points, and the other play makes a 5 for 3 points, the team score will be the 5 for 3 points, as this is the best ball.

The team of two will continue to follow this scoring for the 18 holes, where they’ll work out the total team score for the round, having chosen their best score for each of the holes played.

Here’s an example of a 4BBB scorecard:

Here me and my partner’s score is only recorded when it was the best score for the hole. Sometimes the competition or club will require scores to be marked like this on the four-ball card and other times it may want an individual card for each player.

A 4BBB Stableford can also be played in a match-play competition. Again, it’s played in teams of two and each player plays their own ball for every hole.

The individual player with the best score from one pair will go against the best score from the other group, with the best score winning that particular hole for the team.

4BBB Stableford Handicap Allowance

The handicap for a four-ball competition is usually 85% of what each player’s course handicap is.

For example, if a golfer’s course handicap is 10, they’ll have a playing handicap of 8.5 (9).

If you’re playing in a 4BBB match play event, the allowance for each player will be 90% of their course handicaps.

Final Thoughts

A four-ball better ball Stableford is a fun golf format that allows golfers to play together in teams and compete against other groups.

Choosing the best score from each hole helps take some of the pressure off each player and keeps it a fun round of golf, even if you’re not playing your best stuff.

Check out out Stableford Scoring Calculator to help work out your score.


What does 4BBB Stableford mean?

4BBB stands for four ball better ball, and is golf format where two golfers play in a team and take the best individual score from each hole.

How do you score 4BBB?

In 4BBB, the team of two golfers will take the lowest nett score or the highest stableford points on each hole, and then combine for a total team score at the end of the round.

Can 4BBB be used for handicap?

Usually, a 4BBB competition will not be eligible for handicap purposes. However, if both players complete each hole and mark their score card, some clubs will allow this to be used in the handicap formation.

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